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About Us

Peacock Systems is a US based company that operates on a global scale to bring proven and cost effective solutions to clients all over the world. We currently provide managed services to companies in the US and have completed projects in the East Africa region that provided Security Camera Systems, Wireless Solutions, Fire Alarm systems, and Public Announcement Systems.

Digital Devices


Additionally, Peacock Systems is a major dealer and value added reseller based in the USA, dealing in all hardware and software and wireless equipment products for distribution in the US, Middle East and Africa regions since 1999. Peacock Systems will be the guiding anchor to operate out of California. We primarily offer the following:

  • Reliable internet connectivity

  • Value added services like Voice Over IP (VOIP), Network management, end user technical support, and security

  • Cost effective cloud computing

Local Concerns

Locally, our main concerns are business continuity and information security. Our business continuity focus assures that, even in the case of data loss or catastrophic disaster, the businesses that we manage can continue to operate with minimal downtime. Similarly, we ensure that preventative measures are taken to protect information that is key to a client’s success.

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